How to Get a Flux Stalk for Crafting Potions in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can cook several unique potions using different types of ingredients.
Each ingredient added will make the potion special, and among them the stem of flux is a special ingredient that can be used to make focus-based potions.
Here’s how you can get a Fluxed stem in Hogwarts Legacy.

where to find a flux stalk in Hogwarts Legacy

To find the FLUXED stem in Hogwarts Legacy, you first need to go to The Magic KEEP in Hogsmeade.
Here you will find the stalk of Flowered.

You can buy a stalk of Fluxed for 150 galleons.
In addition, you can also buy FLUXED seeds for 350 galleons in the store and collect them.
You can look at the map above to determine the exact location of the Fluxed stem.
Preparation of potions is not a difficult task at all if you have the necessary ingredients and a recipe.


You can cook potions immediately after the first potion lesson with Professor Sharp.
You can cook potions either in the class or in the room of the requirements.
Make sure that you have enough salon so that you can buy various ingredients and resources to replenish your inventory.
If you are just starting the game, collecting galleons can be difficult, but the best way to get more gallons is to explore the world after you master the disappointment spell.
This spell will give you the opportunity to open mystical chests with eyes from which you can easily collect galleons.
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