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EA Motive Reveals New News of the Next Iron Man Game

Last year the news triggered the development of superhero games, this is because a Black Panther game was confirmed, as well as one of the popular Iron Man. And speaking of the latter, they have just given good news of
Its development, now that everything has ended with Dead Space, EA motivate is ready to continue creating.
Through the Reddit platform, a message was shared in which the game is said is already officially in development, this has to go through a pre-production process a few months ago when the announcement was given.
And while the team for now would be having a short break, there are some aspects that are already being put on the table.

Ea motive dev team @ February 3rd-12pm pt from dead space
For its part, the study is currently looking for a development director, a senior programmer, an artificial intelligence programmer and an audio programmer for said launch.
So at the moment aspects of the concept and also of the joint budget that will be used together with Marvel Games would be covered.
As for video games of the brand, the only one that is ready to go on sale is Marvels Spider-Man 2, a title that will be the direct continuation of the projects developed by Insomniac Games, either the first main title and Miles Morales.


For now, it has no confirmed launch date, but a window that indicates the fall of this year.
Via: PC Gamer
Editor’s note: For now this monitoring is a bit banal the truth, so it will be time to wait for your good months to have something really striking.
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