Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon In Harry Potter? All Your Questions Answered!

It is very likely that, if you play Hogwarts Legacy, you have followed much of what the magical world has offered since the late 1990s, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone to the Fantastic Beast series.


This time you can enjoy an original story, but does that make a canon of Hogwarts’s legacy in Harry Potter?
We have your answer.

Does Hogwarts’s legacy take place before Harry Potter?

In shorts, no, Hogwarts Legacy does not seem to be Canon in Harry Potter despite its strong ties with tradition in general.
To begin with, Hogwarts Legacy events take place in the nineteenth century, at least 100 years before the birth of The Boy Who Lived.
There have been no indications that the game is Canon, and possibly the strongest indicator that it is not is the fact that the creator of the JK Rowling series does not have a direct participation in the game.
That said, fans of the series themselves can expect to see many familiar things in the world they have met over the years.
You will remain classified in one of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, for example.
With the events of the world that take place in the nineteenth century, the intention is clear: Hogwarts Legacy is intended to fend for itself, just like its characters.
It is intended to be accessible to anyone who can enjoy this world, even if it has not grown with the previous material.
So that’s all you need to know about whether Hogwarts Legacy is Canon in Harry Potter.
If you are looking for even more on the game, has it covered with several guides, updates and functions in the links below.
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