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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Acquire The Forbidden Curse Of Avada Kedavra

Arvada Cedar is the last of the unforgivable curses you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy.
It is considered the worst of all for simply killing your target instantly, that is, there is no return after using it.
It has certain conditions, and you may not learn it if you are not careful.
Find out which quest she appears to unlock it.

How do I get Arvada Cedar in Hogwarts Legacy?

This is an endgame secondary quest.
For this, it will be necessary to be well advanced in the game and have completed the primary and secondary quests that Sebastian Sallow has already made available.

Including crucial curses and imperious.
Her recommended level is 28 and many players only get it when they are very close to the end of the main story.
The mission is called in the shadows of the relic.
You will receive an Omanis owl by stating that you are worried about Sebastian
You accompany you to a dungeon and should look for the wizard
Sebastian will be using dark arts to control
You have to fight with Solomon Sallow, Sebastian’s uncle
The wizard will kill his uncle with Add Cedar
Annie will appear and cry
You must leave Dungeon and talk to Sebastian
Choose options that say it is right
Ask to learn Arvada Cedar
After that the unforgivable curse will be available in your repertoire.
Sebastian will continue the search for healing your sister’s curse, and you will be able to launch Cedar Arvada into your opponents.

What’s Arvada Cedar does in Hogwarts Legacy?

The maximum curse Cedar kills its target instantly.


It makes sense that it is achieved near the end of the game, as it would eak the game and make it all too easy for the players.
You can improve the arts of darkness to make the curse crucial spread in opponents whenever you attack and choose the improvement that makes Add Cedar kill any cursed opponent… that is: you kill several enemies at the same time of
just one time.