Unlock the Fun of Crosswords – A Salty Clog of Puzzles for the Whole Family

Crossword is a head-headed game, popular all over the world and never going out of fashion.
This is a cheerful pastime for morning coffee, which is holding our mind in good shape, and we can always find out something new.
Search for a suitable word can sometimes be a problem, but do not be afraid!
And, as always, we always support you in Pro Game Guides in matters of the clue crosswords!
When you are trying to guess the word for a clue, always count the letters in the column.
It will be easier for you to guess if you know how many letters are in the word.
Work with those letters that you already have.

on salt solving a crossword on

The answer to the hint of the crossword puzzle on salted water: sea (4 letters).


The answer can also be at sea (5 letters) if you need a word of five letters.

This hint appeared in the most popular online crosswords and in print media, such as LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and others.

on salt solving the crossword puzzle value of the answer

On the salty sea is the old term of sailors related to going out at sea, or area, according to the key answer.
The word salty can also mean that something is salty.
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