Explore Hogwarts with the Limited DualSense Controller – Pre-Order Now for Hogwarts Legacy!

In keeping with the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, a unique Danseuse controller was revealed this week, which is visually based upon the Adventure in the Harry Potter universe and provided for advance sales.
Nevertheless, the matter has two hooks: on the one hand, the controller was scheduled for the American and British market.

In addition, a sale was made at no time.


Contributions to the sales project on Twitter make it clear that some interested celebrations were fortunate adequate to quit a pre-order via PlayStation Direct.
Others report that they had the item in the shopping cart, however then an error message was recorded and the additional buying procedure was canceled.
Since the controller was no longer available, another attempt was no longer possible.

resale for numerous dollars

As with the PS5 market launch, it became clear that a big part of the successful purchasers have no interest in keeping the double sense in the Hogwarts Tradition look.
Instead, numerous copies arrived at platforms such as eBay and Co, where a multiple of the original rate demands and is partially paid.
Ultimately, it can be presumed that numerous scalper with bots and so forth were active.
The Hogwarts Legacy Limited Edition Dual sense, which was unveiled this week, shows an image of Hogwarts with a golden, swirling theme and cost 79.99 dollars at PlayStation Direct.
Hogwarts Legacy has actually also been on the marketplace since today.
You can see our test for the current adventure for witches and magicians here.
The PS5 is no longer a coveted scalper things after it was largely offered out in routine trade for two years and was provided on relevant platforms at totally extreme costs.
The accessibility improves noticeably and Sony reports that more consoles can be provided than anticipated in the first three months of the new year.
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PlayStation VR2, which will be introduced on February 22, 2023, is obviously spared by Scalpers.
The Virtual Reality Headset can continue to be pre-ordered at a planned cost on PlayStation Direct.
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