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Hogwarts Legacy – Experience the Magic of the Wizarding World in the Most Successful Single Player Game Ever!

Hogwarts Legacy is finally here!
The Harry Potter video game that countless fans have been awaiting can be played considering that Tuesday, at least if you are the owner of the deluxe version.
The game of Avalanche is now formally released on Friday-and is already breaking records!
On Twitch you might get the audience record for the most streamed single gamer game.
And the title is also a success on Steam: Hogwarts Tradition has to overtake only two video games to end up being the most played single gamer game ever on the platform of Valve.

a lot of players gamble Hogwarts Legacy

The video game currently tape-recorded more than 200,000 active gamers on Steam for the early access launch on Tuesday night.
These figures might then be exceeded a number of times during the week till nearly 700,000 gamers might be convinced for the launch.


For the weekend, much more people discovered the time to go into the magical world.
On Saturday at around 10 p.m. German time, Hogwarts Legacy (purchase now EUR 59.99/ EUR 53.99) 807.112 likewise active gamers on Steam.
These are definitely outstanding numbers, particularly for a single player game.
You can’t stay up to date with long-running favorites like CS: Go, because that routinely has more than a million active players.
However, for single gamer relationships, this is nearly a new record.

these 2 video games still have actually to be acquired

Why just practically?
Well, there are two more games that have so far had at least more active gamers on Steam than Hogwarts Legacy.
On the one hand, it would be, not surprisingly, the Video game of the Year 2022 named Elden Ring.
This could move 953,426 gamers in front of the screens for the launch.
And even the controversial cyberpunk 2077 from CD Project Red, which is hardly playable for the launch, is a bit more effective.
In the huge city dystopia, 1,054,388 individuals dipped into the same time.
That suggests that Hogwarts Legacy still requires around a quarter of a million gamers to break the record for the most played single player game.
However, that may even be possible, after all, the hype is in spite of the controversy around J.K.
Rowling, who appears as a supporter of trans-enemy initiatives, unbroken.

We were likewise enthusiastic about the game in the test, although Hogwarts Tradition still has one or two issues at the launch.
What do you think: Can Hogwarts Legacy break the record of Cyberpunk 2077 or does the RPG from CD project stay in top place?
Like to compose that in the comments!
Source: Steam db
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