How to Get Key Cards Inside the Food and Dining Room in Sons of the Forest

Kids of the Forest is an extensive network of underground objects that go under the surface of the island on which the gamer is secured.
Most of these spaces are locked behind the doors with viewers from the keyboard.


Throughout your experiences on the island, you may have encountered a cavern causing the food and dining-room.
Once inside, you will certainly need a key cards to explore much deeper.

Figure out just how to get what you need in this guide!

Luke with food as well as dining-room in Boys of the Forest

The key-card that you require for a space behind the hatch for food and eating room is situated on the GPS tracker in the image listed below.
The key-card that you need to access the room is the key-card of service.
This location is closest to the area where you collapsed in your helicopter and where you began the campaign.
Prior to you go to the general practitioner area, see to it that you have a shovel, due to the fact that you will certainly require to dig a little.
As quickly as you obtain a shovel, go to the place as well as start digging the hole till you locate the hatch.
Open it and go into.
Go along the passage up until you locate the open door on the appropriate side.
Having remained in the room, search for the desktop on the left side.
The service trick will certainly be on it.
You can likewise get a Katina with this vital card, however not in this shelter.
Return to the surface and return to the cavern where you found food and a dining-room.
Most likely to the locked door with eco-friendly light over it as well as utilize the service key card to open it.
In this facility, you can obtain a VIP card-key card, which you will also require to receive a guest essential card.
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