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xQc Uninstalls Elden Ring After Rage Quitting – Learn What Happened and How to Avoid It


Keeping that claimed, some individuals merely can’t manage the heat. QC was just recently playing Elden Ring on stream when he made a decision that he had enough. The streamer, without hesitation, gave up the video game in craze after passing away in the video game’s PVP setting. Once the video game was shut, and also he had gone back to his Steam collection, he promptly relocated to uninstall the seriously well-known video game. Whether QC will certainly return to Elden Ring or otherwise stays to be seen, but it seems likely he’ll possibly take a bit of a break from the video game and also play something else for the direct future.

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QC’s audience does not particularly care what he plays, so this likely won’t make any type of notable effect on his viewership. The Twitch streamer has cultivated his audience from his feeling of humor and also reaction content. If anything, craze giving up and uninstalling one of the most preferred video games on the marketplace now will likely only attract even more eyes to his already extremely popular and effective Twitch network.

It’s not trick that Elden Ring is one of the hardest mainstream games out there. It’s something that calls for enormous persistence and just a little percent of individuals have in fact seen the game with to its conclusion. Furthermore, it was recently confirmed that the game passed 20 million copies sold, which is a substantial accomplishment for any type of video game, let alone something as particular niche as a Souls game.

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The streamer, without reluctance, stopped the game in craze after dying in the game’s PVP mode. Once the game was closed as well as he had actually returned to his Heavy steam library, he rapidly relocated to uninstall the seriously acclaimed game.

It was recently confirmed that the video game passed 20 million copies sold, which is a big success for any game, allow alone something as niche as a Souls game.