One Piece Chapter – Emergency Meeting After A Body Found: An Among Us-like Plotline

One Item as well as Amongst Us, does that fit with each other?
The plot of the new phase from the One Piece-Manga appears like a game Among the United States
We’ll tell you who it obtained and who could be the possible charlatan.
Attention, spoiler!
The short article includes details from the brand-new manga phase from One Piece.

The One Piece Crew plays Among the United States.

Why is?
In the new chapter, Luffy and his crew being in an obstacle dome on the Egghead Island.
The barrier dome need to not actually turn on and also currently offers as a catch for the straw hat gang.
Gradually, the surveillance video cameras are turned off, with which the Vega punk satellite Shaka maintains an overview in its command facility.
Communication with the others is also disturbed.
What are the satellites?
Vega punk has split itself into six different satellites in order to be able to deal with the workload of his research study.
Each of the satellites is phoned number, acts individually and has a characteristic of the genuine Dr.
Received vegan.
They are called Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas as well as York.
So there is in fact a defrauder that is up to mischief like in Among the United States.
Seeking Dr.
Vega punk uncover Sysop, Frank, York and Lilith of the fourth Vega punk satellite Pythagoras.
As in the Amongst US video game, it is stationary on the ground as well as the others try to report the Discover in the command.
A One Piece fan instantly identified the parallels as well as offered the images with the best icons from Amongst Us for enjoyable:
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The amusing thing is: Amongst the United States’s official Twitter account quickly responded to the pictures.
The growth team would certainly be really pleased if it could deal with Managua Ericeira Odd at some point in the future.


That is the charlatan?
Regrettably, it is not yet clear in the current chapter who is attempting to kill the straw hat gang.
The humanoid weapons called Seraphic, which created the strike on Pythagoras, in fact only act on the command of Dr.

Vega punk.
Yet all attempts to quit the Seraphic fail.
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From Jasmin Beverage
This suggests that the Seraphic needs to have received an order from amongst the Vega punk satellites.
One of the satellites can thus be the sought-after charlatan.
A minimum of that explains why the straw hat gang was so expertly screwed up.
Far, it has not yet been evident that the scammer is.
What do you assume: Who could be the defrauder?