Complete the First Guardian Test of Ancestral Magic in Hogwarts Legacy with Percival Rackhams Guide

After finding the map room (a required action in the game prizes), you will certainly meet the first guardian of Genealogical Magic in Hogwarts Tradition.
To decipher the keys of this effective magic, you must undergo guardian examinations and the first one is given by Percival Rack ham.

See just how to finish the test.

Petrifies Totals: Check out goblins

Join Fig in front of the tower.
It is much better to have actually opened the flying oom to arrive promptly.
Be certain to have at the very least degree 11 and have modified your equipment before you start.
If you are asking yourself where your Petrifies Totals spell is, it is actually a basic spell that can not be learned, such as your secure shield, for example.
Once you approach an unseen enemy, the game will quickly provide the usage of Petrifies totals.
At the gangs camp, you need to get rid of all adversaries and after that collect the letter on the outdoor tents right behind-the-scenes.
This will certainly ing a lot more goblins.
View the video below for the start of detailed:
In the tower, climb up the staircases to speak to the picture of Percival.


Then go down the stairways to find Ancient Magic Database and launch a door.

Solve the challenge on mobile platforms

First part

In each room, you simply need to discover the marks of genealogical magic to relocate to the following until you deal with soldiers.
At the platform level, usage ACCIO, so you can move: very first onward, then to the.
Prior to going through the mirror, reuse mobile platforms to collect the area upper bodies.
There is no demand to undergo the bow: use the system to prevent the mirror and also be able to continue its method.

Next rooms and final employer

In the following space, climb up the staircases to go the opposite and locate the task of old magic: make the platform reach you to activate it.
This will certainly activate the big main arch: When the shroud is red, the left component of the idge is destroyed, and you can relocate the platform to the other side.
See the video clip below for the option.
The last attempt is to go across the system in the mirror and also face the last employer.
Approach the thought to see the memory.
After that return to the map room to complete very first test by the guardian offered by Percival Rack ham.