Discover All Neomuna Region Chest Locations with this Destiny 2 Guide.

Where to find all 9 Nominal upper bodies in Destiny 2.

This overview describes where to locate all Nominal upper bodies in Destiny 2 They’re not only valuable to get equipment as well as full regular difficulties, yet you’ll also get the Neptune’s Bounty Victory for discovering them all.

Destiny 2: Nightfall takes you through the city of Nominal in Neptune, filled with neon-soaked settings as well as tricks to locate. Among them are the area breasts, following up on the game’s custom, which are an excellent resource for equipment items.

There is an overall of nine breasts across Nominal in Destiny 2: Nightfall, spread throughout the 3 major areas: Zephyr Rout, AHIMA Park, and also Liming Harbor. Opening them rewards you with Nominal Rank factors, gear, as well as Twinkle. You’ll additionally need to open up breasts during the ‘From Absolutely no…’ as well as ‘To Hero’ missions.

Zephyr Rout region upper body 1

For this one, you’re going to wish to double jump to the glass ceiling that is appropriate prior to it to acquire elevation. From there, sprint and also dual jump again in the direction of the rooftop. The chest is on the top.

From Striders’ Gateway, head southern towards Zephyr Concourse. After you go into the area, overlooking the dome in the facility, look over to your left. There is a room that you can head inside, as well as its entry is covered by a rooftop tent of types.

Zephyr Concourse region breast 2

Head over to the southeastern side of the location, past the pink bridge, and get near completion of the map. If you look down below, you’re hosting likely to notice a couple of home windows where you can arrive at– 2 of them get on the best side, and there’s an additional one left wing that on a reduced elevation and also is partly covered by a drape.

Head over to the window on the left and jump inside the space to discover the chest.

Zephyr Concourse area upper body 3

After going through the air vent, you’ll finish up in a 2nd room with the upper body sitting on a table.

On the western side of Zephyr Rout, you’re hosting likely to stumble across a two-story structure with plenty of adversaries around. If you head all the means towards the structure itself, you’ll notice an area behind a busted glass with some gym tools. Head within as well as jump right into the air vent on the left wall surface.

AHIMA Park area breast 1

From there, arrive at the terrace, and also leap again towards the home window with the breast ahead.

At the southerly end of the AHIMA Park plaza (while looking at the map), you’re going to spot a big structure with some home windows on the side, which results in completion of the map. Jump over to the porch that is dealing with the park, and after that dual jump and walk around the corner to reach the various other course.

AHIMA Park region upper body 2

There is a cavern beneath the bridge with an upper body inside. If you obtain shed, there’s a beacon of light that acts as a referral.

As you’re encountering north in the direction of the substantial head of Calls, take a detour from the bridge that leads inside and drop to the ground following your.

AHIMA Park region breast 3

There’s a passage that you can fit in, which after that leads to a little caver underground with the 3rd breast of this area.

Right before you get in the large framework of Calls at the end of the bridge up north, take a detour to the best side.

Liming Harbor region chest 1

Complying with the hallway in a straight line will certainly take you straight to the upper body.

On the southwestern edge of Liming Harbor, there is a path that leads more west. For it, head over to the edge of the map, and face west to find a passage between the shipment containers.

Liming Harbor area breast 2

If you head north in Liming Harbor, to the best side of the ship in the center (while taking a look at the map), you’ll stumble upon two paths. The one on the right leads you to AHIMA Park, while the one on the left takes you to an end corridor with an enormous turbine follower.

Dual jump to the opposite side of the follower (it’s rather slow, so don’t bother with falling short) as well as grab the breast.

Liming Harbor area upper body 3

Those are all the Nominal chests in Destiny 2: Nightfall! If you need some added assistance, we have overviews covering Awoken Favors, Defiant Keys, as well as just how to deal with those scary Tormentors.

When you have enough elevation, a quick dual jump should take you there.

Inside the huge ship at the center of the location, use the structures and tubes on each side of the room to head over to the ceiling.


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From Striders’ Entrance, head south in the direction of Zephyr Rout. The breast is on the top.

If you head all the method towards the structure itself, you’ll observe a room behind a broken glass with some fitness center devices.

There is an overall of 9 upper bodies across Nominal in Destiny 2: Nightfall, scattered across the 3 main regions: Zephyr Concourse, AHIMA Park, and also Liming Harbor. You’ll also require to open breasts during the ‘From Absolutely no…’ as well as ‘To Hero’ missions.