Final Fantasy XVI: Clive Beats Dante and Nero in Action-Packed Gameplay – According to Former Devil May Cry Dev Ryota Suzuki

Suzuki says Clive’s Iconic abilities, which enable him to use the power of Ions like Phoenix Metro as well as Titan, provide him the utmost side. And also just for fun, I asked who would win in a fight between Clive and Nero.

With such an individual connection to Devil Might Cry, I couldn’t withstand asking: That would win in an individual fight: FFI lead character Clive or Devil May Cry 5 lead Dante? Suzuki needed to address this inquiry with 2 of his managers right next to him– FFI supervisor Hiroshi Sakai and producer Naomi Yeshiva– so possibly we need to take this answer with a grain of salt. I don’t recognize, having actually played both Devil May Cry 5 and 2 hours of FFI during a current hands-on sneak peek (read about that right here), I’m inclined to think him.

His solution, with a sly smile and also a laugh: Clive.


There you have it, extremely details followers of both Final Fantasy and also Devil May Cry 5 like me; Clive wins.

You likely currently recognize how action-forward this game is if you’ve paid any interest at all to Final Dream XVI. It’s quickly the farthest a mainline Final Fantasy video game has actually ever before been from its conventional turn-based origins, with FFI being quickly the most action-heavy. That’s not unexpected, though, taking into consideration the games fight director is Rota Suzuki, a previous Cap com developer with virtually two decades of experience designing the activity in games like Marvel vs. Cap com 2, Devil Might Cry 4, and also most recently, Devil Might Cry 5.