Octopath Traveler 2: An Epic Adventure Awaits Players Who Choose Hikari in Montoiza and New Delsta

In New Delta, you will experience different side-line tales, consisting of a damn scrumptious meal.
In this side pursuit, you require finding a special sort of meat for the cook of the tavern.
For this you will certainly require tracking down a rare monster.
Below’s exactly how to finish the side tale of Sociopath Tourist 2 A Devilishly Delicious Meal.

Sociopath Traveler 2 damn delicious recipe passing a side story

Having chatted with the chef of the taverns, he will complain that customers do not come.
He thinks that he will certainly have the ability to attract clients if he seasons the food selection from the Deist Devil, and also mentions something concerning the cavern.
You will require to locate the Del sty Devil as well as return his meat to the cook.

where to find the Deal Delete in Sociopath Traveler 2

Most likely to the eastern of New Deist.
Relocate along the river as quickly as you reach the Western Clock bank Highroad highway, and also move southern.


This will lead you to a sunken mouth, a dungeon of the 34th degree of danger.
We were able to satisfy this mission at about 28/29, however several of the common opponents in the cavern can be dangerous, so obtain all set to be dealt with typically.
As soon as within, you can collect several chests with treasures.
They include various items, however you will want to collect a guard of serenity as well as a quartz rod of gold breasts.
When you plundered three breasts at the very first level, climb up the stairs.
Take the upper body on the right and go to the hut.
Inside is an elderly fan of fishing.
Talk to him to find out concerning a special lure after that right away buy a lure or take from him.
Without this, you can not run into the Deist as a devil.
Having obtained lure, come down the stairs and persist.
Go right and also go to the dark place in the water.
You will certainly be welcomed to use the bait and call on the Deal delta.
Won Delta Devil was surprisingly easy.
This is weak for shaft tools, blades, Lucia Lightning.
We quickly defeated him, damaging his guards, and after that strengthening the physical strike of OST and also using its concealed capacity.
As soon as you beat the Deal delta, you will accumulate the meat of the Deist of the Evil one.
Go back to the Tavern Chef.

You will certainly receive the following incentives for the implementation of the side quest Damn delicious meal in Sociopath Tourist 2.
5000 fallen leaves
Master genus
container chef
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