What Happened to Mandalore and the Mandalorian Natal Planet? A Look at the Galaxies War

Din Darin, also known as The Mandalorian, has been a devout member of his religion almost all his life, Way of the Mangalore, which makes him always have the helmet on.
In season 2, Din took it in the presence of Grog (also known as Baby Yoda), making him an apostate.


To redeem yourself, you must return to Mangalore and bathe in the mines under the surface, although that could be difficult at this time.
What happened to Mangalore, the native world of the Mandalorian?

Why is Mangalore destroyed in Mandalorian?

Mangalore was crystallized by the Empire.
Crystallizing a planet is the worst destination that the empire can do to a place, since it kills all living beings in it and makes everything become a crystalline form, so you can never grow anything again.
That is why it is very unlikely that The mandalorian can bathe in living waters under Mangalore as his religion asks him to do so to be able to redeem himself and stop being an apostate for his people.
Mangalore was already a difficult planet to live, since most was deserted, and its people survived in biodomes near the mines Bear.

This mineral is with which they forged their armor that allows them to be great warriors and survive the difficult conditions of the planet.
Several wars between different sets of Mandalorian had already damaged the planet, but the crystallization of the empire was a much more extreme measure.
They did this with the sole purpose of killing as many mandala as possible and disperse the survivors throughout the galaxy, leaving them without their planet, which was a large part of their identity.
In season 3, Din and Grog seem to go to the planet of origin of the Mandalorian so that it can be redeemed, although it is still too early in the season to know what you will find there and if the planet is really toxic.
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