Xbox and Kojima Productions Partnership is Progressing Well: Project in Progress and Photos Shared on Social Networks

In June 2022 Xbox revealed a collaboration with Kolyma Productions.
Although Death Stranding’s parent business already had an exclusive partnership with PlayStation, it seems that Japanese chief executive officer wanted to check out other perspectives to ing his concepts to life… and also it appears that every little thing is working right.

An Interesting Journey

The objective of this partnership is still quite obscure, however yesterday, Kolyma and Aaron Greenberg (VP Xbox Game Studios) signed up with.
After a visit to the Kolyma Productions advanced facilities, it seems that the 2 partners wished to show their happiness on the networks.
Xbox Video game Studios teams happily announce that they are concerning to begin an amazing journey. There disappears news concerning this mystical production that is the result of their partnership.
That the fans of both firms are tranquil, because whatever is in area.

Partners in all ways

In the images posted by Video Kolyma with your Twitter page, every person can be seen putting on Xbox Game Studios as well as Kolyma Productions coats.
Consequently, it is very easy to intend that they did not have garments just for a see to Video Kolyma’s facilities.


Cooperation between the two firms is a major company and also Aaron Greenberg prepares to verify it.

He also changed his Twitter profile photo to the Kolyma Productions Chief Executive Officer and also his.