Where to Find All FIG Collectibles in Destiny 2: LightFall

As when it comes to clear moths in the witch queen Destiny 2, the guards were advised to track an additional topic of collecting in Nightfall.
These are figures of the famous CloudStriders.
Weekly it will certainly be added more, and we will definitely update our checklist as they are discovered.
Allow’s set up for you the accomplishment They are not dolls.

where to discover Neptune figures in Destiny 2


The very first number is located right in the middle of the Achiest park.
Going into the park, try to find a large structure in the center with a curved roof.
Inside there will certainly be polka frescoes.
Inspect under the stairs leading.
The initial figure will be concealed in the rocks.


The marshmallow room
Start with Striders Gate and also head to Zephyr Concourse.


As soon as you get to this location, comply with the course around the large structure of the dish on the.
Go along a small bridge in a corridor lit by turquoise light instantly behind the gates.
Follow this hallway as well as get in the ESI terminal.
You will certainly see a huge fresco with the picture of the eye on the wall surface.
Next to her will certainly be a door that will open up only after you complete the Nightfall project.
Experience the door to the Really complex.
Ultimately, you will see a portal that teleports you to the coastline.
Go through the ruined wall and turn left.
You will certainly see a couple of boxes folded up against the wall.
Use them to jump onto the wall.
Recall from where you originated from, and also you will see 3 damaged guns.
Climb up on them as well as most likely to the end of the barrel.
Straight them in the ideal direction to see the look of a piece of darkness.

Damage all three to obtain a number.

where to position figures in Neptune

The numbers are actually positioned in a room on Neo mun.
Appear at Striders Gate as well as leap to the.
There will be a two-story building with a huge canopy and a digital hand in front of the entry.
Experience the door to start putting your collection.
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