Hogwarts Legacy: Proof by Niamh Fitzgerald; How to complete the third guardian test?

After finishing Charles Rook wood’s test in Hogwarts Tradition, it is time to undergo the Name Fitzgerald examination, an additional protector of ancestral magic!
See exactly how to complete the 3rd Harry Potter RPG Guardian test.

Before the 3rd test…

Before you get to the 3rd test, you need to have completed many friendship objectives with NASA and Sebastian.
Besides, certainly, having advanced in different pursuits offered by the major tale.
Now go to the map of the map to speak with Name Fitzgerald.
The third examination remains in Hogwarts, and also you will certainly need to go to supervisor Fines Nigel Black’s workplace to find the guardian’s picture.

The Politico Potion

Speak with Fig to discover just how to damage into Black’s workplace without being caught.
When drinking the poly such, you will certainly become Nigel Phineas.
Go talk with Madame Koala.
In sequence, locate the domestic fairy in the primary hall.
Do not fret about discussion alternatives, also if you make an error two times, Trap won’t believe anything and pass the supervisor’s password.
Do not be reluctant to engage with the pedestal to transform the decoration to the colors of your residence.
Disguised as Fines, it is now possible to access the director’s workplace.
Utilizing the publication, you will certainly have to go via a town drawn to pencils as in Harry Potter motion pictures when the tale of the three siblings is told.

Complete the difficulty of fatality antiques

Take care, you can’t utilize your spells in this globe.
Its first goal is to go across the city discreetly: wait on the correct time to pass in front of the shadows of death without being discovered at the threat of dying quickly.
When at the end of the means (follow our video step by action listed below), you will certainly take the initial relic: the cover of invisibility.
As soon as in belongings, the darkness will not also see you.
Go on till you find the stick wand and also use it in several fights.
In challenging way, the resist fatality is specifically complex, so make certain to dodge well and make combos.


Because it is not possible to select various other spells or the unforgivable curses, the reality that you can just utilize 4 pre-defined spells by the game makes this proof fairly difficult.
You will get the resurrection rock and can access the memory of Name’s finger.
Return to the map room to speak with the last guardian and also accessibility the rest of the tale.