Take Part in the Open Beta of Diablo 4 and Receive an Incredibly Sweet Gift!

With Diablo 4, the most recent component of Blizzard’s popular collection will certainly be launched in a few months.
Before the release, you can take a very first step in Sanctuary and test the video game in the open beta.
As an incentive for your usage, you will certainly get a sweet present after the beta test, which awaits you in the full version of the sought after game.
What type of present is that?
If you play the Diablo 4 Open Beta, you can unlock three incentives in which you can attain different development.
You will certainly after that receive these rewards on June sixth to release Diablo 4.

The sweet highlight of the three benefits is a cosmetic object called Beta-Wolfsbündel.
The wolf bundle is specifically what the name promises: a package with a wolf, more exactly a child wolf.
This child wolf is covered and also oversleeping a putting on device that you have like a knapsack on your back, and also just looks exceptionally sweet.
How do I unlock the wolf package?
To get the wolf bundle in Diablo 4, you have to get to degree 20 in the beta with at the very least one personality.

restricted time to protect the wolf package

When does the beta begin?
The Diablo 4 Open Beta begins in March, on two different weekends-one for pre-ordered, a second for everyone.
Friday, March 17th-Sunday, March 19: Pre-ordered Beta
Friday, March 24th-Sunday, March 26th: Open beta for everyone
You do not have up until the release of Diablo 4 on June 6th to secure the sweet wolf package, but have to make use of the time-limited beta weekends.
You will certainly not get a baby wolf if your phase does not reach in time.
You can find out all info on how you can take part in the Open Beta below:
What are the other beta benefits?
In addition to the wolf bundle, there are 2 various other rewards that you can manage playing the open beta.
These are the play titles initial sufferer as well as earlier.


  • You will get the video game title First Victim when your Kyovashad gets to
  • You will also obtain the play title Very early explorer when you get to level 20 with a character.
    You have to be client until the launch of Diablo 4 and the beta is only offered momentarily.
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