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Pokemon GO: Get Items in Exchange for Watching Video Ads & Easily Switch Off

In Pokémon Go you can now obtain video clip marketing using balloon, in exchange there ought to be a few products.
Turning off the marketing is additionally possible.
What kind of advertising is that?
As some fitness instructors report, Pokémon GO can presently send out unique video clip marketing.
As you already recognize from various other advertising advertisements in the game, this features a special balloon.
If you click this balloon, you will certainly receive the advertisement in which you can start the video clip.
What this resembles, individual stated Invisiblesoul8 by means of Reddit:
How can I turn off marketing?
In Pokémon GO you can turn off the marketing by going the following path to the setups:
1. Open up the settings
2. Choose General.
3. Shut off Program sponsored messages from third-party providers.
4. Reactivate the app.
If the alternative is shut off, you ought to generally not get sponsored messages from various other suppliers in the game.
This additionally relates to the balloons.
You can merely ignore the balloons if you do not want to shut off the sponsor messages entirely.

fitness instructor would certainly such as far better items than reward.

When, where and under what conditions the balloons show up is still unclear.

However, there are already first signs of what products are in it.
The individual Invisiblesoul8 on Reddit records that he has actually received the following items for his video clip (using Reddit):.
250 Celebrity Dirt.


  • 1 consumed alcohol.
  • 1 golden incredible berry.
  • 2 Sananabries.
    It continues to be seen whether there are various rewards per video or the items generally move in these instructions.
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    This is what trainer claim: In the submit Thesilphroad, fitness instructors already share their opinions on marketing.
    Some emphasize straight that they choose to shut off the advertising and marketing and have nothing to do with it.
    Others think: they would be very interested-if there are strong products.
  • Give me an extra long-term breeding machine, and also I would certainly also view all the Herder Rings and Hobbit films in a row, claims a user (using Reddit).
  • I take raid passes for complimentary.
    No for various other products (through Reddit).
  • I would do it for coins or breeding makers (using Reddit).
  • As long as it is optional, this is a welcome enhancement states a customer (via Reddit): Especially for players with minimal stops or arenas.
    What do you assume of advertising?
    Can you imagine seeing video marketing for things in Pokémon Go?
    And also if so: for which things would you do that?
    Inform us in the comments!
    Otherwise, there will soon be a lot of occasions in Pokémon GO.
    The area day comes with Lemon at the weekend break, yet even after that it continues with brand-new web content.
    The brand-new Allows Go event in Pokémon GO has simply been announced.