Counter-Strike 2: Second Major of 2023 may not be performed

With the official statement of Counter-Strike 2, Valve may not perform the arranged major for the 2nd half of 2023. With the release window of the CS 2 scheduled for summer of the north hemisphere, i.e. between June 21 and 23
From September, the affordable FPS circumstance can be directly affected, as the state of the game at launch might not be proper for huge main championships.

In a meeting with the HLTV Confirmed program, Analyst Chad Spun heard from a resource that the 2nd term major will certainly not be held.
Spun, nevertheless, stressed that the source in concern is not part of the Counter-Strike 2 growth team.
I heard that there will certainly be no second major in 2023. This info just reached me a day or 2.
I do not understand the exact source.
I do not want to speak like a main expert with inner info shutoff.
It wasn’t the developers that informed me that, Spun claimed.
Although basically a major aesthetic update of CS: GO, Counter-Strike 2 will certainly also have changes that straight influence gameplay.
The primary adjustments announced thus far connect to smokes, which now fall apart when grenades take off inside it, as well as the Tick rate.
Now the servers recognize the exact minute an activity starts, a weapon is terminated, or an explosive is tossed.
Therefore, regardless of the price of tics, the movement and capturing of the gamers will have the exact same responsiveness, as well as the grenades will constantly drop the exact same.
On top of that, some maps have been redone from the ground up, while a few others have been reformulated, CS: GO players inventories can be taken to CS 2, as well as the video game will also undergo a basic renovation in the game’s sound.


Counter-Strike 2 noises have actually been remastered to reflect the physical setting much more consistently, to be a lot more various and better express the state of separation.
They have likewise been ripped to supply a more comfy hearing experience for players.